Bid Bowl III pitted the defending champions of season two and Eastern Division champions of season three, Three The Hard Way, against the Western Division champions of season three, All About Bid Nizz. Shawn and Theo (by a score of 4-2, 2-4, 4-2) are your new National Bid Whist League Champions. In a championship fraught with ups and downs, tension, and excitement they have gone from worst to first. Congratulations to Shawn and Theo!

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Notorious ATL Playerz: "Winning Bid Bowl I and playing in Bid Bowl II proves we are one of the best teams in the league." Boston Braves: "After years of searching, we are thankful that we have found the Bid Whist League." Three the Hard Way: "Our growth in such a short period of time has been incredible... We are looking forward to a bright future."
All About Bid Nizz: "We enjoy competing against the other teams in the league." BTW Express: "We are Born To Win Express. Enough said." Young Gunz: "We aim to be the best in this league."